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Payne’s Trailers is family owned business, located in Canisteo, New York.  All the members of the Payne family partake in the business and strive to make it a success.  Payne’s has been in business since September 2000.  Payne’s have grown from a small repair shop, to a trailer and accessories retailer, and the latest growth into the Blue Seal Feeds. 

In our time in business, we have sold nearly 1,000 trailers. This number has been achieved because we strive to give our customers a good quality trailer and first rate service. Payne’s has always serviced and will continue to service what we sell.  Regular maintenance on your truck and trailer, will make a world of difference.  If something should come up, and a part is needed for your trailer, Payne’s carries a wide range of parts.  Payne’s also carries a huge line of truck accessories, Leer Tonneau Covers, Leer Truck Caps and Fisher Snowplows. Payne’s has been driven to become a one stop shopping center for all your trailer, truck and feed needs. 

In 2009, Barry saw a need to help the local recidents out..  After careful consideration, Payne’s decided to expand and offer the Blue Seed feed.  Barry has always enjoyed all the aspects of a farm, he still works on his family farm.   Barry and his family have around 50 Tarentaise Beef Cattle.  Tarentaise are a French breed of cows, which his daughter, Deanna, shows at the local county fair. Click Here, to see a picture of a Tarentaise breed.

Barry’s wife, Cindy, helps and maintains all of the paperwork for the business.  She also has developed a line of nostalgic and custom line of keepsakes, ranging from custom photo frames to letters from Santa and the Easter Bunny.  You can see Cindy and Deanna out at local craft shows, creating these keepsakes.  Visit that website by clicking Here.

Deanna enjoys working with her dad, Barry on the farm, cutting wood and helping out at the shop.  Kaylena enjoys cooking and often has supper waiting after a hard day’s work at the shop and on the farm.  

Thanks for taking the time to visit our web site, all you have to do now is stop in person and see all we have to offer.  Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm and on Saturday 8am to 12pm.  If those times do not work for you, call we will surely make arrangements to meet your needs.  If you have any questions or comments, please, call us at (607) 698-2487, or drop and Email.

Barry, Cindy, Kaylena and Deanna Payne



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