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Manufacturer Spotlight - Moritz Trailers now offers a full line of aluminum trailers

Blue Seal Blue Seal is a manufacturer of high quality feeds for animals & pets such as horses, dogs, cats, wild birds and more. Being in business since 1868, we have a well–earned reputation for high quality, consistent feed and outstanding customer service.

At Blue Seal, our passion for animals drives our focus on developing, manufacturing, and marketing superior nutritional products and services that improve animal performance, health, and well–being. We strive to exceed the expectations of discerning pet owners, animal enthusiasts, and progressive dairy producers; and we commit to delivering sustainable value to our customers and stakeholders.

Paynes is proud to offer this new product to our customers!

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Leer Caps

In addition to our extensive line of trailers, trailer accessories and parts. We are a fullline LEER Dealer offering, truck caps, and tonneau covers.

Leer products fit every make and model truck on the market!

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fiberglass cap on a truck

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